Tugas Perdana Mata kuliah B.inggris

My name is Nining amalia, you can call me Nining. I am student of Education Teacher elementary school  at state university of Makassar.  I come from Watansoppeng and I was graduates at vocational senior high school one watansoppeng. I live in Mannuruki 2 street. I was born at Watangsoppeng, Desember 5 th 1993 and I am Nineten years old. My father’s name is Sudirman, he is a fammer and my mother’s name is Messiana she is a teacher. I am the second child and I have one brother n sister, my sister’s name is Anna sulistiana she is student of university and my brother’s name is Muh. Iqbal  he is student of senior high school.

My hobbies are eating and watching Korean Movie, my favorite movie’s a Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, The king 2 heart and God Of study. My favorite aktrist’s are katy perry, KyuHyun Super junior and Suzy Miss A and my favorite song’s are star in heaven by peterpan band. My future dream is a Writer and my favorite colour is red.

if you want to know me more you can call me at 085341498647 or follow my twitter @Ningg_Amaliyaah and my Facebook  Nining Amalia.

I think that’s all my identity, thank you…





Name             :Nining Amalia

Class               : M 1.3 (PGSD)

Nim                : 1247041040



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